Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Saratoga Lake 6/30/14

I decided to take advantage of the warm weather last night and took the girlfriend out on the boat after work for three hours. We had dinner on the boat and did a little swimming but I couldn't not take a few casts.

It is difficult to develop a pattern in less than two hours but I was able to put a few fish in the boat. The water temperature was 78 degrees and I was pleasantly surprised to see some decent weed growth on the lake.

All of my fish came on jig on the fall. Most were Saratoga cookie cutters but I did get one fish a little better than 2 lbs. Normally this time of the year I can drop shot the edge of the deep weeds and put fish after fish into the boat. It just wasn't happening for whatever reason. All of my fish came from the heart of the grass (albeit deeper grass) on a jig. I threw some faster falling baits such a Texas-Rigged Chigger Craw and couldn't get a sniff. The slow fall of the half ounce jig was automatic.

I am hoping I can take advantage of these long days again this week. If these storms hold off I'd like to get out again after work.

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  1. Ah now we are back to good descriptive writing. Thanks
    PS - my last post wasn't begging just coaching. I was letting you know makes your post enjoyable to read. I primarily fish in the river so it's fun to read how the other half does it.