Monday, June 23, 2014

Lake Champlain 6/22

Well, I got my first NY Bass Federation Tournament under my belt. It didn't go as well as I wanted it to but I managed to escape with valuable points towards making the state team (my top goal of 2014). At the moment, I'm not exactly sure where in the standings I finished but I weighed in over 15 lbs of smallmouth. I could be wrong but I believe this puts me inside the top 20.

I was disapointed for a few reasons. Normally, I tear up Lake Champlain and the way my practice went, I thought I was on the fish to do so again. I thought minimally, I would catch 15 lbs on tournament day so to come back with the minimum is a big downer.

I don't want to get into too much detail on my gameplan and what happened on the water because I'd like to keep that particular information close to the vest.

The other piece that was frustrating is that I got whooped by a lot of talented anglers. Normally, that is something you can hang your hat on but that means I have an uphill battle to fight to make the state team.

Also, only 80 boats fished the opener. The smaller the fields, the better finishes you need. By my estimation, I will need two top 10's to close out the season to fish with the state team as a boater. I will likely need two top 20's to earn a spot on the state team.

As badly as I wanted to win that tournament, I didn't blow my chances at making the state team which is what is most important to me. The other piece is that I will be fishing more relaxed the rest of the year. I feel strongly that Champlain is my lake so I put a lot of pressure on myself to win there. The rest of the year I am fishing on other bodies of water. I'm like the 2007 New York Giants, better on the road than at home.


  1. Sean, you gotta come across with some fish/tackle description. I care about your goals but that won't put fish in my boat. Anglers always are looking for clues. You don't have to reveal everything just some technical details. I've been following you for a few years now and normally the content is more fishey. P

  2. Mohawk Angler: You are right, normally it is "more fishy." In this particular instance though, I'd rather keep my gameplan to myself and I would really appreciate if you respected my decision to do so. I normally share almost all of my information from my tournaments. If it helps at all, I caught most of my fish on Bass Pro Tender Tubes.

    I appreciate your comment and I am glad that at least some of my information has potentially helped you put fish in the boat in the past. I will make another post later this week with some more thoughts.