Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Unconventional Start to 2014

Let the ice fishing season begin. I wasn't able to get out at the tail end of 2013 but I got off to a hot start on the cold ice in 2014. Armed with our giant ice shack and underwater camera, we went searching for panfish at one of our favorite small lakes.

The fish in this lake are extremely finicky. They always have been and getting them to bite has always been a challenge. However, tempting them into the area has never been an issue. This year, we went with an unconventional method and it called the bluegill in from all over.

That's exactly what it looks like: a wacky rigged Senko. While I despise this "do nothing bait" for bass, it's slight wiggles was a bluegill beacon this weekend. For whatever reason they seemed fascinated by it, and it was enough to draw them into our area. Using tiny jigs tipped with "spikes" we were able to coax a few into biting and had a very successful day on the hard water.


  1. Do you know or have you used any of the Gulp Alive baits that come in a jar? I saw these pink baits that I think are suppose to be like a spike.

  2. Yes, we have used it and it is effective. It literally does stink though so be aware of that. I prefer using it for panfish in water that is a little discolored.